The Bakery

Daily, 7am − 6pm

Inside Mayfield Bakery, artisan bakers produce many types of slow-proofed bread every day. Drawing inspiration from classic European bakeries, bakers let the hand-shaped breads rest from overnight up to 24 hours, allowing the yeasts to expand and develop intense, deep flavors. This “slow proofing” technique produces a thick, dark crust and a richer, denser, more complex, and slightly sour-tasting loaf. Rusticity is the goal here, and it shows in the baguettes, boules and country loaves that are pulled fresh from the stone hearth and ovens daily.

The bakery also offers a selection of traditional pastries, such as croissants, Danish and morning buns for breakfast and purchase throughout the day. Desserts, bars, tarts, cookies and exquisite cakes like you have never seen before are also available. In addition, the bakery prepares all of the desserts available next door at the Cafe.

The bakery is open daily to provide you with wonderful single estate coffees, pastries, grab-and-go salads and sandwiches, cookies, and other treats that can be enjoyed at one of our indoor or outdoor tables, or on the go. Stop by on your way home to pick up a loaf your favorite freshly baked bread to be served with you dinner at home—a Meyer lemon tart for dessert isn’t a bad idea either.


Large & Specialty Orders

We welcome special orders! Fresh breads are available daily beginning at 7 a.m. In addition to walk-in orders, our breads and pastries are available through pre-orders. Large orders, such as specialty cakes, pies, tarts, and bread orders of over three selections, require at least 48-hour notice and prepayment. Orders can be made in advance at the Bakery or by phone at 650 853 9201. For more information, please email us at