Director of Operations/Partner

As the operations manager for Bacchus Management Group, Brannin Beal is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business. A veteran of the Bay Area dining scene, Beal draws upon an extensive history of culinary and hospitality service management experience to create and run a highly successful group of restaurants.

Beal’s career in the restaurant business began at an early age in Houston, TX, where he worked for a large restaurant group and catering establishment. He earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in finance from the University of Houston and spent several years working in the banking and investment industries for such companies as Kidder Peabody and Merrill Lynch.

In 1989, Beal moved to San Francisco and took a job bartending at the famed Fog City Diner while looking for a position in finance. Drawn to the excitement and fast pace of the restaurant business, Brannin remained with Real Restaurants, the owner of the Fog City Diner, until the mid-1990’s by which time he was running the day-to-day operations for the restaurant. Beal then went on to help open and manage Real Restaurant’s newest venture, Betelnut, in San Francisco’s Marina District.

Soon after, Beal was recruited to serve as general manager of the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn and Café in Lake Tahoe, where he oversaw all hotel, dining room and conference facility operations. He then returned to the Bay Area to join Real Restaurants in the expansion of their family of Italian-themed restaurants. Beal served as the director of operations for a variety of restaurant brands including Postino, a white-tablecloth establishment in Lafayette, CA, Bistecca, an authentic Italian steakhouse in Scottsdale, AZ, and the group of Tomatina pizzerias, which he oversaw and expanded throughout the greater Bay Area.

When friend and fellow Bacchus partner, Tim Stannard, approached Beal in 2002 to collaborate on a new pizza restaurant, he was enthusiastic. Together with the Bacchus team they developed the Pizza Antica concept and they haven’t looked back since. Beal’s dedication to detail and his personal philosophy for developing staff has been a large contributing factor in Pizza Antica’s success. He has created a dining environment that is as comfortable as it is sophisticated, a restaurant with a reputation for three-star food and three-star service that is as appropriate for a family with kids as it is for a young couple.

Following the success of the first Pizza Antica in San Jose, Bacchus has opened three more locations in California, as well as Spruce in San Francisco, and Mayfield Bakery & Cafe in Palo Alto. Beal continues in the role of operations manager, overseeing both casual and fine-dining destinations while managing new restaurant projects. Beal manages the various phases of construction, from planning, permitting, and building to interior design and finishing touches. His oversight and organization of the operation ensures that Bacchus’ vision for the properties is actualized.

Brannin Beal