Daily, 7am - 6pm

Breakfast, Monday − Friday, 8 am − 10:30 am
Lunch, Monday − Friday, 11 am − 3:30 pm
Brunch, Saturday and Sunday, 9 am − 3 pm
Dinner, Nightly, 5 pm − 9 pm


The story of Mayfield Bakery & Cafe begins with ingredients that have been around for centuries: flour, water, yeast and salt, the four building blocks of bread.

Bacchus Management Group, owners of several restaurants in the Bay Area, had a vision of an artisan bakery that could supply all of their restaurants with fresh-baked bread daily—a way to make their restaurants, which already includes an organic farm and a custom coffee roastery, an even more sustainable, self-sufficient entity. They found that spot in Palo Alto’s Town & Country Village, which came with the added bonus of a cafe next door to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.